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Problems at Work

Being treated unfairly and different to others?
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Are you experiencing some issues at work?

Being treated unfairly and different to others, bullied or harassed, discriminated against, refused flexible or part time working, being managed out of the business.

Whatever the issue, any problem can and does have a enormous impact on you, including your personal life.


Problems with your employer will probably come under one of two categories, grievances or a disciplinary, so whether it is:

  • A disciplinary issue – been suspended, being investigated, invited to a disciplinary hearing or attending an appeal hearing
  • You are being bullied or harassed at work, by a colleague or a manager, you shouldn’t have to put up with unfair treatment at work
  • You have a grievance you want to raise in regards to your treatment or changes or denial of your rights
  • You are being discriminated against, treated less favourably to others
  • You are being made redundant and your employer has unfairly selected you.
  • Maybe you are being managed out of the business, unrealistic targets or an unfair personal improvement plan.


How can we help?

The law protects you against unfair treatment and that’s where we can help you, whether it’s our ‘NO Win NO Fee’ advocates supporting you at an Employment Tribunal or our professional trade union representatives accompanying you to your meeting or maybe you just want to book a telephone consultation with one of our employment law experts for some practical advice so you understand your employment rights.


Call us to see how we can help or book a telephone consultation; we make sure you know your rights


We fight for the rights of employees.”