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Recruitment and Induction

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Recruitment and Induction

The majority of employers recognize that their employees are their greatest asset so having the right recruitment process in place is vital in ensuring that the company becomes effective in the shortest time possible.  Make sure you have the right person for the job with the correct set of skills.

Companies should be fully aware that they have a legal responsibility during the recruitment process there is no unlawful discrimination on the grounds of:

1.       Civil partnership

2.       Marriage

3.       Religion

4.       Sexual orientation

5.       Gender reassignment

6.       Race

7.       Disability

8.       Sex,

9.       Pregnancy

10.    Maturity

A job description is useful for all jobs and will also help with the training and induction programmes.  It also enables prospective recruits to access themselves against the job and gauge whether they are capable of doing the job.

A good job description should contain the following:

  • The scope is to expand upon the original job and include the importance of the role
  • Main role  try to use word like writing and calulating even repairing instead of words like dealing or in charge of these words are quite vague
  • The prupose of the job outlined in one sentence


There isn’t a legal right for a previous employer to write a reference.  An employer will not contact the employee’s current employer unless the candidate has given prior permission.  References will be more effective if they have the job description included with relevant questions.

Having a specification person in mind?

Having certain specification for the role will allow the company to recruit the correct person for the job, making sure the knowledge and the relevant skills are included in the specification related to the position.