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Raising a grievance at work

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Raising a grievance at work

A grievance is where an employee has concerns, problem that has occurred with another member of staff, this could be they feel they have been treated unfairly by other people, the working conditions and they wish to inform management about the issues.

Grievances can include:

  • Harassment or bullying
  • Terms and conditions
  • Work relationships
  • Discrimination
  • Organisational changes or new working patterns
  • Health and safety
  • A grievance procedure should be in the company handbook and all employer  should be aware of the policies and procedures
  • Employers should arrange a formal meeting at the earliest possible time and have had an investigation before the formal meeting
  • It is best to resolve grievances informally and avoid it escalating
  • Employee can be accompanied to a formal meeting  and also give them the right to make an appeal
  • An employee should let their employer the issues they have in relation to the grievance

A grievance should be dealt with informally and should be dealt with by the line manager.  An employer should have policies and procedures in place that will help with the formal aspect of the how to deal with a grievance.  Employers should give reasonable consideration to any issues that arise and try to resolve the issue informally.