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  • Everyone  employed is entitled to the minimum wage
  • Everyone must be paid the same wage if you work part time or full time
  • All payslips must be issued on the day or before the day of pay
  • All employees are entitled to a written statement
  • Pay deductions must be shown showing the amount and the reason for the deduction I.e tax and national incurance

Pay is a big contributing factor to a working life it is a very sensitive subject at times.  The challenge many employers face is setting pay levels that are consistent giving value for money while also rewarding their employees fairly.

Every employee is entitled to a written pay slip.  This must be issued on the day or before the day of pay and must clearly outline both their gross pay and their take home pay, stating any deductions clearly and the reason for these deductions.

Fixed deductions must be shown and the reason must be clearly displayed.  Some companies prefer to take fixed deductions as a single total amount and issue their employees with a written statement once a year

If for any reason there is a dispute relating to the pay statement, every effort should be made to try to resolve this.  Only if the problem continues and cannot be resolved then this can be referred to the employment tribunal.  The reference should be done within a time frame of three months (from the end of employment).