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Part Time Workers

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Part Time Workers

Part time work is whereby an employee is contracted to work less than the standard full time hours.  There are no standard part time hours.  Part time hours are perfect for those individuals who are looking for a perfect balance between home and work.  There are lots of different reasons why an employee may consider working part time this may simply be due to the fact they have caring responsibilities.

  • A part time workers have the same right  as a full time worker and should be treated the same, this will include the hourly pay and holiday entitlements which is done on a pro rota
  • A part time workers has the right to ask for a written statement outlining the reasons for being different treatment compared to their fellow full time workers, and should be considered for promotion

They are entitled to:

  • Expect the same level of pay
  • Parental leave and career breaks
  • Receive pro rata holidays
  • Be invited to training events
  • Be treated the same way as full time workers when being selected for redundancy

Examples of part time working include:

  • term time work
  • Job share

If for any reason a part time employee thinks they are being treated differently they should firstly have an informal conversation with their manager and ask for an explanation try to get this in writing.  If no resolution is achieved then an worker must put a request in writing and give twenty one days for their employer to respond.  If the employee is still unsatisfied with the reason they are in their right to make a claim with an employment tribunal.