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Major Sporting Events

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Major Sporting Events

Major sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup provide plenty of entertainment with employees very eager to support their favourite teams.  It is important that employers recognise this and balance the needs of the employees and business during these events.

The main considerations for an employer during these times are;

  • Usage of internet during working hours
  • Sickness
  • Requests for annual leave

Working together

During these events flexibility should be adopted from both the employer and employee, working together to reach compromises could lead to a much more productive and engaged workforce.

Before a major event, companies should have agreements in place as to what is acceptable and what is not.  While annual leave requests may not always be accepted due to business needs, employers should accommodate where possible.

Annual Leave

The company annual leave policy normally in the employee handbook provides guidelines on how to book time off. If possible employers however employers may want to be flexible during this time and perhaps looks

Annual leave requests should be considered fairly and consistently across the company, after all not everyone likes sporting event.


During these times sickness policies are still applicable and these policies should be fair and consistent across the company.  Levels of attendance should be carefully monitored and any unauthorised access should follow formal proceedings.


An option would to be more flexible with employees having the option to come into work early or later.  Employees should be given the option to listen to the radio or watch the TV.  Is there the option to allow breaks to be taken during the times of the event?

You should also bear in mind that any amendments during events should be made available to all employees and no special treatment should be given.

Social networking and internet usage:

It should come as no surprise that there may be an increase in internet usage with certain sporting pages being used more frequently.

The employer should have a clear policy in place on what is accepted and what is not.  Employers should continue to monitor internet usage and make it clear it is being monitored.

Drinking at work

During events, employees like to participate in a drink or two while they are watching the games.  Some will go to the pub in lunch breaks.  But employees should be mindful that returning to work under the influence of alcohol could result in disciplinary action being taken.