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Jury service

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Jury service

Every single person who is on the electoral register may be selected even if they are not eligible.   Jury service is a duty; jurors will normally be used for the more serious criminal cases such as murder, burglary or fraud and even assault.  Unless someone is disqualified or has a valid reason they must attend their jury service.   There are some people that never get called and then there are some who get called more than once.

Jury service on average can last up to 10 working days but this will depend on the case some may be shorter or longer.  If the employee has been called for jury service it is their responsibility to inform their employer at the first available opportunity and advice and when they will need the time off and if they are aware of how much time as well.  If the employee is not used at court they should return back to work unless another agreement has been made between the employee and employer.  The court can pay for loss of earnings and travel costs.

The law gives employees the right to take time off work for jury service and should not be treated any differently, an employee can bring a claim of unfair dismissal in relation to jury service they can bring a claim against their employer with the employment tribunal.

Any person can apply for a deferral but this must be done in writing you must give valid reason I.e. you are on or going on holiday but you must give them alternative dates if you have got any other dates you cannot attend. You can only defer once in a 12 month period from the original date.