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Job Evaluation

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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation scheme can take time and patience but once one is done it is a very good way of getting a fair pay system in place.

Job evaluations are carried out when:

  • reviewing all jobs in the company
  • There is a fair and equal pay system in place
  • Deciding on pay and grading are dealt with fairly

Everyone in the company have to feel that the job evaluation is dealt with fairly, making sure you have a good communication thought out the consultation. To make a job evaluation you have to have commitment from senior managers

Employers carry out job evaluations for a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of rationale for the current grade
  • Company changes leading to a new job design
  • Issues over equal pay and equal value
  • Dissatisfaction with the way the jobs are graded

What is the aim?

Job evaluation is a scheme to provide hierarchy of jobs which are free from discrimination, they are meant to be fair.  Many employees feel that after they should be moved up a grade at work, the reality of a job evaluation is they could stay the same, move down or up.

Are there any benefits of doing a job evaluation?

Job evaluation requires you to take a close look at the jobs your employees do.

This can help you to:

• Improve job design

• Understand if any individuals need training

What can employees do if they disagree with a job evaluation?

If an employee is unhappy with the decision of the job evaluation you can appeal.  The appeal procedure should have been agreed before the evaluation begins.  This appeal is dealt with slightly different from the company’s grievance procedure.