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Health and the Workplace

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Health and the Workplace

People always think of health in the workplace as health and safety this is to help and minimise hazards, traditional issues are things like chemical hazards, noise and dust. There are now growing concerns regarding having a good work and life balance, also being aware of the relationship between our jobs and our mental and physical health.

The benefits of having a healthy workplace are for employers as well as employees, are healthy and motivated are more likely to go that extra mile, and staff take fewer sick days and provide commitment and creativity.

Work is it really good for my health?

Yes. Studies have shown that work should generally be good for your health.  It gives many people self-esteem, companionship and pride.

Are there signs of an unhealthy workplace?

Here are some of the signs:

  • Poor customer service
  • High level of absence
  • Reduced productivity
  •  High work demands
  • Poor management
  • Bullying.

What makes a healthy workplace?

Having healthy workplace can include effective policies in place that will help managing peoples issues i.e. absence, grievance, communication and occupational health.

Having trust between managers and employees especially where workers are part of the decision making.

Features that may found in a healthy workplace may include:

  • Managers who can manage health problems i.e.mental health and musculoskeletal (MSD)
  • Line manager should be confident and trained in people skills
  • An organisation where you feel valued and involved in decisions
  • Managers who promote an attendance culture
  • Make sure the appropriate health services i.e occupational health this sometime will help tackle absence   and try to get people back to work
  • Flexible and well designed jobs
  • Managers who identify problems early and then try to resolve the using the informal methods