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Front Line Managers

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Front Line Managers

The effectiveness of a company can often rely on the quality of their management and the procedures they have in place.  As an employee the manager is the first port of call for learning how the company operates.

 Managers on the front line might have one employee or they might have many.

Their role often includes:

Arranging work rotas

Managing budgets

The quality and operational performance

Managing people this might include customer care

Regardless of the size of the company managers should act in a flexible, fair and consistent way as they often hold responsibility for:

Taking part in staff requirement, selecting staff to attend training courses

Disciplinary  and attendance issues making sure the policies and procedures are followed

Talking to senior managers keeping a link between everyone

Staff rotas and team meeting will need to be organised

Writing staff reports

What is an effective supervisor?

The role of a first line manager, supervisor, and team leader is to plan, organise, control and motivate their employees.  Managers will need to gain commitments from each employee.

It would help if:

Managers get to know their team

Give praise where due

Inform the group of any changes

Lead by example

Look after the interests of your group

Make sure that the working environment is safe and clean

Provide leadership

Give people an purpose by setting achievable targets and keeping them informed of how they are doing

Inform people the reasons for doing a job

Always be approachable, listen to suggestions and grievances and consult with people