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Fixed Term Work

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Fixed Term Work

  • A contract will usually end automatically upon the completion date has been reached
  • An employ on a fixed term contract for more than 4 years will automatically become a permanent employee
  • Employers must treat all employees the same if they are all doing the same job even if the are on a fixed term contract
  • If on a fixed term contract and you have been with the same employer for 2 years or more you may have the same redundancy rights as a permanent employer
  • A fixed contract is a contract that will last for a certain amount time, or when a specific task or event  has been completed

A fixed term contract should terminate on a specified date or once the specific task has been completed.  Examples of when a fixed term worker would be needed include, providing cover for maternity leave, seasonal fluctuations and to cover long term sickness.

  • Fixed term employees are entitled to:
  • Equivalent benefits or  the same
  • If any permanent vacancies  open up with in the organisation
  • Be protected against unfair treatment
  • Have the same right to the pay and conditions  as a permanent  staff

An individual on a fixed term contract has the right to be treated the same as an employee who is in a comparable position.   If an employee has been treated less than someone else they are in a position to request a written statement to identify the reasons for the treatment.  If the matter cannot be resolved the employee can make a claim to an employment tribunal.

Once a fixed term contract has come to an end the employer will not be required to give notice.  But if their work was to end unexpectedly after a period of two years they would be entitled to the same redundancy rights as a permanent employee.  If the work was to end before an agreed date and the contract allows for the employee to dismiss, then sufficient notice must be provided.

An employee that has been on a fixed term contract for over four years are automatically entitled to become a permanent employee unless the company has a good business reason.