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What is Diwali?

A Hindu tradition that honours Lakshmi who is the goddess of Wealth.  This is also known as festival the festival of lights celebrating the good being victorious over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness.

When is Diwali?

It is a festival over a period of five days that is connected into the Hindu calendar.  It normally takes place between October to November with the next event beginning 23 October 2014.

What is done during this event?

Lamps are usually lit to aid Lakshm find her way to peoples home.  The festival is also associated with a large firework display, the spring cleaning of the home, exchanging of gifts, preparing meals and wearing new clothes.

Quick facts to consider:

  • For good team relationship it might be good for everyone to share a celebratory meal in the staff resturant / canteen
  • There might be a requset for more flexable time and annual leave from employees , whist there is no legal requiements for companies to accommodate these requests.
  • Employers should have an awareness of Diwali and other religious events, this can be aided by introducing information on notice boards or in newsletters even emails.