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In order for an organisation to run smoothly it is necessary for standards of performance to be monitored and this is one of the main reason there are company rules established.  In many cases where there is a minor case of misconduct these can be resolved informally simply by having a quiet word with the individual in question.  Alerting an individual to their behaviour can improve their performance without any formal action being taken.

Although there will be some cases where formal action is necessary, the action taken will be dependent on the individual case.  Any issues should be dealt with consistently, fairly and promptly.  Investigations are recommended to gather the facts and establish appropriate action.

Employees should be given the opportunity to put a response forward and should be given the right to be accompanied by a fellow employee if attendance at a disciplinary meeting.  They should also be given the option to appeal if a formal decision is made against them.

Questions & Answers

Is it necessary for an employee to have a representative when attending a disciplinary meeting?

All employees have a statutory right to have someone accompany them if they are asked to attend a disciplinary meeting.  This person will not give evidence but be there for support.

If an employee is not happy with the outcome what can be done?

If for any reason an employee is not happy with the decision that has been made they can follow the companies appeal process.

From a legal angle, how will the disciplinary meeting be carried out?

There is nothing under the law that describes how these meetings should be conducted.

What do disciplinary rules cover?

They vary dependant on the type of company but broadly cover:

•Healthand safety
•Useof email, internet and telephone