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Criminal Record Checks

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Criminal Record Checks

The Disclosure and Barring Service (BDS) this is in place to help an employer when they are recruitment this helps to prevent unsuitable individuals from working with vulnerable people such as adults and children  that are in care through a criminal record checking service.

  • This service allows an employer to access the crime history of an individual working or seeking to work with vulnerable children and adults that are in care
  • Northern Ireland and Scotland are covered by another agreement – Access Northern Ireland and Disclosure Scotland
  • Checks for volunteers that are eligible are free
  • A fee is payable for all three checks
  • An employee can ask for a DBS check but you can only request a basic disclosure
  • A fee is payable for all types of checks
  • There are three checks – Standard, Enhanced and Enhanced with a list check

It is deemed necessary for some jobs or voluntary work to carry out a DBS check.  The employer should only ask for these checks on successful application and can withdraw a job offer if the results of the check show that the candidate is unsuitable or barred, if an employer was to employ someone who was barred or unsuitable from working in certain regulated areas may be breaking the law.

There are three different checks that can be carried out:

1.        Basic Check – Anyone can request one this outlines details of any unspent convictions, if they want a UK visa application, making an application for volunteer work or want to increase their credibility on a job application.

2.       Standard Check – This one outlines any spent convictions, cautions, final warnings, reprimands and unspent convictions.  This type of check will normally takes two weeks.

3.       Enhanced Check – This will include exactly the same information as the standard check plus information held by the local police which could be considered relevant to an employer.  This type of checks normally takes four weeks

4.       Enhanced Check with a barred list – This includes the same information as the enhanced check but will include from the barred list.  The barred list will include those adults that are barred adults from working with children in unsupervised activities which involve the caring, teaching or driving with children under the age of 18, this report will also take four weeks.   A fee will be applicable to all these checks but the fee level will be dependent on the check required.  For some volunteers that are eligible they will receive a DBS check for free and a specifically listed in the police act 1997 criminal record regulations.

Once a application has gone through there are a number of stages before the certificate is issued:

1.       Children and adult lists searched, where this is applicable

2.       Application is received and is validated

3.       Records held by the police are searched

4.       The information to be disclosed will then be printed on the certificate and then sent

5.       Police national computer is searched