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Communicating and consultation with employees is essential as this keeps them informed, they will perform better if they know what their duties are, obligations and rights and they have the opportunity to make management aware if they have any issue, this can be done in any size company.

Having good consultation and consultation is key to a happy workforce especially when it involves changes to policies and procedures.  Communication involves managers actively taking with employees exchanging any information and any ideas they may have, managers seeking information from employees and their view before a final decision is made.

A communication and consultation policy is essential as this will set out the attitude of the company and this will define the responsibility of your role in the company.  The main person that would pass on any information to the employees would be your line managers or a supervisor.

What should be communicated?

  • If there are any changes to any of the below
  • The company’s progress levels and the prospect of the company
  • Contractual  terms and conditions and performance

What communication methods can be used?

There are a variety of effective communication methods a company can use.  Dependent on the size of the company these include:

  • Face to face meetings
  • Company handbooks
  • Telephone this can include video conferencing
  • Email and letters through the post
  • Intranet

Is there a need for employee needs to be acted upon?

No, the views of employees do not have to be acted upon but it could be good practice would prove that companies would not benefit for not doing so, for whatever reason views have been rejected the employee must be give a reason as to why their views were not used.  Recognising the views of their workforce is key to a more effective company and a much more productive one.

The legal aspects of consultation?

Consultation must take place when you are having more than 20 employees being made redundant if this is the case then you would have to have a period of consultations.  If you are an employee for a company that is transfer of undertakings again a consultation must take place.  Some employers may be covered under the European Union Directive this covers informing and consulting with employees, this regulations will apply to companies with over 50 employee, these regulations cover:

1.     About the business economic situation

2.     About decisions leading to substantial changes in work organisation or contractual

3.     About employee prospect