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Alcohol and Drugs Policies

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Alcohol and Drugs Policies

Alcohol and Drugs Policies

There are employers that use very similar approaches to dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. For some organisations they will treat drug and alcohol dependencies as an illness and the frame of relevant policies will be focused towards rehabilitation. This approach is recommended as it encourages users to look for treatment. However drug abuse is different to alcohol because it is often illegal and not socially acceptable. There are many drugs than can affect an individual’s mental and physical health far more than alcohol so the sooner an issue can be diagnosed the greater the chance of a successful rehabilitation.

Any alcohol and drugs policy that is implemented should be clear, any issues should they arise be dealt with quickly, consistently, effectively and as important as ever tying to spot these signs as early as possible. It should encourage individuals to seek help. It is important to have management involved in an education programme that will teach them the signs to look out for, how to deal with anyone that is covering up for someone who has a drug or alcohol problem, trying to persuade the person to seek long term help.