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Frequently asked Questions

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Premier Advocates is a Claims Management Company and provide a series of free templates and letters to help with different procedures, including grievance and disciplinary processes. We have provided these for those not familiar with what is needed and if you need more help please do not hesitate to contact us to book your employment law telephone consultation.

Is the service confidential?

Our service is 100% confidential. You do not need to worry that your employer might find out that you have contacted us for advice. We can guarantee that nothing like this will happen and your details are for our records only.

How much is it going to cost?

Trade Union representative

We charge an hourly fee for any work undertaken and unlike solicitors and legal professionals, we do not charge for phone calls made to your representative. We take a small deposit on account at the start and if it is not used will be refunded on completion of the case.

Employment tribunal advocate

We specialise in ‘No Win No Fee’ funding agreements, which will mean if your case is suitable, you will only pay if your case is successful at the tribunal. We also provide an hourly fee agreement for any work undertaken, when the case is not suitable for a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement. Please note with ‘No win no fee’ contracts other costs such as disbursements £50 at the start of the contract and a termination fee would be payable if you terminate after the 14 day cancellation period, for our costs incurred up to the date you ended the agreement calculated at the hourly rate of £175.00 per hour.

Will it cost me to get some advice?

We provide employment law experts and it only costs £30 to book your 20 minutes telephone consultation.

Will you write my letters for me?

We do provide a service through which we are able to write letters on employment matters on your behalf or you can use one of our free templates.

How can I trust Premier Advocates?

We are specialist in employment. Our Trade Union Representatives and tribunal advocates are experienced in successfully handling complex employee issues. Additionally, we strive to always deliver the best solutions for our clients, personally taking care of every aspect of their employment case. We treat everybody with respect, just like we would like us to be treated

I am not a member of trade union, how can I be represented?

You don’t need to be a member of a trade union to be represented and the law allows any trade union representative to represent an employee during the grievance, disciplinary and redundancy processes, including any appeal meetings.

This allows us to provide you with a professional trade union representative to accompany you. We would, however, always recommend you join a trade union.

My employer does not recognise trade unions, so I will not be able to be accompanied by a trade union representative?

Your employer does not have to recognise the trade union involved. The law allows any trade union representative to accompany you during the grievance, disciplinary and redundancy processes, including any appeal meetings.

If your employer refuses to allow you to be accompanied by a trade union representative, they are breaking employment law and as such you will be able to take legal action against them.

I have a hearing tomorrow. Can I change the date?

Yes, the law allows you to change the date of the hearing for up to 5 working days; this is something we can help you with.

Will it cost me to get my case assessed for the employment tribunal?

We aim to provide a case assessment within and up to 21 days of receiving all the paperwork and we charge a nominal fee of just £275.

Will my details be passed onto a third party?

No, all details that you provide are for our records only. We will not share any of your details with third parties.