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Employment law advice and guidance

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Are you having problems at work?

Are you an employee and need employment advice? Have you been unfairly dismissed? Have you been discriminated against at work? Call us free without obligation to see how we can help.


Employment law is a complicated and ever changing subject. There are numerous situations that can give rise to either; an employee making a complaint (grievance) regarding a work situation or find themselves being disciplined, at risk during a redundancy process or unfairly dismissed from work.


We offer a very unique and specialised legal service. Employment law provides that any employee can be accompanied by a Trade Union Representative during the grievance, disciplinary and redundancy process.


We will provide you with a professional Trade Union Representative, who will accompany and represent you directly at your own place of work, giving you the support and help when it is most needed.


We also specialise in ‘No Win No Fee’ * Employment Tribunal advocacy supporting those employees that have been treated unfairly, been unfairly dismissed or resigned as a result of unfair treatment.


Premier Advocates is a company you can rely on, offering positive, practical solutions with comprehensive advice regarding employment law issues at work.

Call us without obligation to see how we can help you’


‘We fight for your right and we stand by you’


* ‘Please note other costs such as disbursemeents and an early cancelation fee would be payable’