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Fitness to Practice Hearing

We will fight for your rights...
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Are you being investigated or have you been invited to a hearing?

We will fight for your rights, whether it’s the General Medical Council, Nursing & Midwifery Council, General Dental Council, whatever the regulator body, we stand by you.

Have you been suspended, being investigated, been invited to a hearing or have a hearing shortly?


Premier Advocates specialise in providing advice and professional representation and advocates to professionals being examined by their regulatory body.


Whether this is a for, competence, misconduct, performance, impairment, impaired fitness to practice, ill health, restoration, negligence or interim suspension, you are not alone and we can help


Our work includes:

  • Nurses and midwives with the NMC
  • Doctors with the GMC
  • Dentist and the GDC
  • Teachers with GTC and now Teaching Agency
  • Health care professional with the hcpc & hpc
  • And other regulatory bodies, GOC, GPC, ISA, CST, CQC, GSCC


How can we help?

We provide legal advice and professional advocates to represent, doctors, nurses and midwives, health visitors, care professional, teachers, dentists and other professionals and members of regulator bodies.


Our advocates:

  • Ensure you have the information needed to make the right choices
  • Support and speak up for you and make sure you are heard
  • Fight for your rights
  • Stand by and make sure you are not alone


We fight for your rights and are there to support, whether we provide you some advice with one of our employment law experts or the full representation at a hearing, we will give you that helping hand.


We provide advice and support throughout the UK and our primary aim is to support professional in who face very difficult issues and want their voice heard.


Whatever the issues call and book a telephone consultation with one of our employment law experts for advice and guidance