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Employment Law Service

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Employment Law Services

Employment law is complicated and ever changing

Our Employment Law Specialist are experts in every aspect of employment law and we specialises in supporting employees and Senior Executives throughout the UK.

Our specialist Employment Law advisors are skilled in advising employees and senior executives on how to manage and resolve employment problems following our assistance.

It always helps to know your rights at work, even if you are just having an informal chat with your boss. Most problems at work can be sorted out without needing to involve lawyers and the courts, but if the worst happens you may need to know your legal rights in a hurry, or know where to go to get employment law advice.

We can help with one of our advocates who specialise in “no win no fee” agreements or with one of our professional trade union representatives to accompany you to meetings with your employer.

Employment law entitles that any employee can be accompanied and represented by any trade union official. You do not need to be a member of the union and your employer does not have to recognise the trade union involved.

Premier Advocates Ltd has an experienced team of trade union representatives that understand and specialise in Employment Law. They have gained a national profile for acting for Employees in grievance, disciplinary and redundancy processes. Our representatives have stopped disciplinary action in it tracks as well as successfully gaining reinstated for employees after being dismissed.

For employment law advice on any issues at work, i.e. contracts, change in your terms and condition, unfair dismissal etc or if you feel you have been a victim of discrimination or victimisation where you work, we can help.

Contact us with a no obligation enquiry today and representatives specialising in Employment Law will be able to discuss your issue with you in more detail.

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