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Contract law

Do you have disputes over contracts
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We enter into contracts daily, whether it is an employment contract or buying goods and services. You may enter into a contract whether as a business or an individual

The vast majority of contracts entered into are not in writing but made verbally. Disputes over contracts are not reserved only for businesses and corporations. For example, you may have a contract with your phone company, your landlord, your insurance company or your employer. Disputes over contracts often arise when either you or the other party to the contract breaches a term of the contract, or there is disagreement over the terms of the contract, or one of you wants to get out of the contract early.


Some of the major issues relating to contract disputes, include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair contracts
  • Uncertain contracts
  • Void contracts
  • Contracts protected by consumer legislation
  • Termination


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