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Consumer law

Know your Consumer Law in England, Scotland & Wales
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We all enter into different transactions every day in our lives when we buy goods and/or services from commercial organisations.

Most of the time things are fine and there is no issue. However, there may be times when things will go wrong and it is important to know your legal rights and where you stand. Consumer Law in England, Scotland & Wales encapsulates your legal rights when buying goods/and or services in a shop or online, these include:

  • Eating in a restaurant with inadequate service
  • Contracting with a builder and they do not fulfil their obligations or defective work
  • Going on holiday and something goes wrong
  • New shoes, which are of poor quality and you want to return them


We do understand that it can be very distressing to find yourself with a consumer law problem and you are unsure of what your rights are.


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