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About Premier Advocates

a unique and specialised legal Company looking after the rights of employees and senior executives throughout the UK
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We have a passion about supporting and helping individuals who are not being treated fairly by their employers or work colleagues, making sure that their rights are protected as well as fighting for justice.


Employment Law Advice

Premier Advocates Ltd provides experts in Employment law Advice and we only charge £30 for a 30 minute telephone consultation. This is when you will be provided with practical employment law advice because we know and understand the tactics used by employers and their advisors.


Accompanied to hearings

Our service is unique because we can provide professionals trade union representatives to accompany employees and senior executives to disciplinary, grievance and redundancy meetings, so you are not alone and have someone to support you at the meetings.

We have a reputation of achieving good results for our clients so looking after our client’s interests is fundamentally important to us.


Quality and cost effective services

Our representatives aim to prevent and resolve problems, and across the board we pride ourselves on offering practical solutions to your employment issues or problems at work.

Our representatives have a long track record of successfully representing employees at their place of work and representing clients at Employment Tribunals.

Our success rests on a commitment to providing a high quality service and striving to provide value for money to our growing client base.


We provide:

  • Employment law advice
  • Trade union representatives to accompany you to meetings
  • Mediation and negotiation with your employer
  • Tribunal advocacy at an employment tribunal
  • Representation at Regulatory Body hearings
  • Employment tribunal case assessment
  • ‘No Win No Fee’ tribunal representation                    


For Employment Law Advice and more information without obligation please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

‘We fight for justice and we stand by you’

Employment Law Specialist


Premier Advocates Limited is a Claims Management Company that specialises in providing expert advice and advocacy services in Employment Tribunals for employees only.

Our advocates have experience in representing parties in unfair dismissal cases including constructive dismissal, redundancy and the various types of discrimination claims. Our advocates boast widespread knowledge of employment law and will provide you with down to earth practical advice and support.

For employment law advice Call us: Nottingham 0800 1300513

* Please note other costs such as disbursements £50 at the start of the contract and a termination fee would be payable if you terminate after the 14 day cancellation period, for our costs incurred up to the date you ended the agreement calculated at the hourly rate of £175.00 per hour.